Dona is a fundraising application for associations that assists in holding charity events and collecting the funds from the public by smartphone, in an exciting and efficient way.
In Dona you can give to charity by creating and participating in charity events, meet interesting people from all around the world, and host events while donating all the incomes to an association of your choice.

  • Role: UX Designer
  • Graphic design by Sivan Lutaty

UX Challenges

Easy & Fun

The main goal of the app is to allow a large community of users to donate and create fundraising events on a daily basis. In order to achieve that goal, we set to create a user experience that combines a simple and intuitive interface with an enjoyable and “happy” design, which will encourage the user to do more for a good cause.


We aimed to create a balanced experience between “users as hosts” and “users as participants”, and to enable each user to be able to enjoy both worlds.


Live Video Events

Video streaming is an inseparable part of our everyday lives. Adding a feature of Live Video Events allows users to participate in, and to host video events to users all over the world.




The challenges were our guidelines when starting to sketch the first wireframes of the app. We tried to keep the app simple and easy to browse but also to give the users enough information to encourage them to take part in an event.

It was a challenge for us to preserve the simplicity when the user engaged further and decided to create an event. Creating an event requires the user to fill in quite a lot of details, a procedure that can be exhausting and potentially cause a high dropout rate.  We focused on making the “Create an event” flow as user-friendly and as accurate as possible.