Squeemo is a concept project designed to allow two people far away from each other to share music in a unique way. The “Squeemo” experience adds a tangible dimension to the common sharing activity, hopefully enhancing closeness between people who are physically distant.


Each side of the connection has a “Squeemo” object. After a song is shared, both objects inflate, where the receiver’s object is in a blushed color, while the sender’s object stays in a natural color.

When the receiver is ready to listen to the song, they hug the object, “releasing” the song. The object starts deflating according to the song’s length, activating the sender’s object to deflate as well.


We designed the object to have a minimalistic look and feel. The clear design allows any type of musical content to suit the object.

The object is designed to be peripheral. It catches the user’s attention when a new song arrives by changing is size, but does not distract the user, who can give their full attention when they are ready.

Collaboration with Neta Tamir